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About us
About us

Novanet is a company that has an extensive experience of more than 8 years in sport software development and the own experience of partners and collaborators of more than 20 years.

Along these years, Novanet has developed a software application for sport management organizations, using the last new technologies,  with a high degree of sophistication based on the creation of functional virtual environments and communication through Internet.

At this time it has been full developed the soccer module that for their volume and complexity represents 85% of the developments for other sports.

For the own system structure, in simultaneous with the standard functionalities of the sport organization, the system generate Virtual Communities of users that suppose an important and potential developments for commercial and marketing purposes.

NOVANET, from this base, is developing an aggressive plan of development and growth for the next two years that will locate to the Company and their applications in the first level in sport software, Internet contents management and Sport User Communities.

Nova_Depor_Gestión is an application system that integrates the different management areas of any SPORT ENTITY (Regional and National Federations, Sponsorship, City council, Local Government Communities, Private Entities, etc.).

Integrates the different communities of the SPORT ENTITY around a common element of administration and information exchange.

Offers a service to the end users (Internal and External), adapted to the new technologies to be able to disclose in a simple and quick way all the necessary information to the Internet Portal of the Sport Entity.

Facilitates, by means of the use of the Intranet, the administration and disclosure of all type of documents, circular, warnings, etc. that up to now is made through ordinary mail, with the rising saving time, manipulation and cost.

The new System has an INTRANET, where authorized internal personnel have access, not only to the common tasks of the Intranet (Contents Management, Documents Administration, Administration of Calendars, Directory, Mail, etc.) but also to all the functionalities of Nova_Depor_Gestión.

“the passion for the soccer”

NDG is an OFFICIAL SERVICE from the Territorial Federations to the whole Sport environment that is part of the own Federation. (Clubs, Teams, Players, Trainers, Referees, parents, etc...)

The Federations, across NDG, offer to the Clubs information of maximum usefulness (Competition, News, norms, circulars, etc...) Making by this way a great Community of Users.

Also offer space to insert own information in the Web, electronic mail and other important management services.  

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